Igloo SS hinge 3 pack $13.00

Igloo SS hinge 3 pack $13.00

Igloo SS hinge 3 pack $13.00
Item# 24006B-3-set

Product Description

Heavy Duty Igloo Stainless Steel Hinges Set of 3 works universally with most Igloo Ice chest up the 165 quarts. Stainless steel replacement hinges have the advantage of longevity and are immune from extreme temperature fluctuations. This is our most popular Stainless-Steel Hinge set. The hinges were specifically designed to work with both older and newer model Igloo coolers and ice chest.
Not for use on thermoelectric coolers, metal chest, BMX series, roto molded coolers and sportsman models. They are not interchangeable with the new black or brown oversized six screwed hinges. Please give us a call if there is any doubt whatsoever before purchasing. Screws are NOT included.

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